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IEACS, l’Institut Européen des Armes de Chasse et de Sport (European Institute of Hunting and Sporting Arms), is a non-profit association which was founded in 1976 by national associations of manufacturers of sport shooting firearms from France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain.

In 1980, the Institute was awarded the qualification of “International association with scientific aim” by the Belgian Government and soon afterwards, it was recognized by the European Community as the spokesperson for the Industry.
Later on also Great Britain joined the group.

IEACS represents virtually 1.000 companies involved in the whole sector, and about 150 manifacturers of civilian firearms across Europe.

There are 1.800 civilian firearms and ammunition manifacturers, 200 distributors and 14.000 retailers and over 300.000 collectors in Europe, whose business is totally or largely dependent on the hunting or recreational shooting market.


To study all the issues related to the sporting firearms industry, their components and the specific manufacturing material, from a scientific, technical, safety, regulatory and institutional point of view

To establish a dialogue between the Industry, the actors of other sectors and international and European bodies.

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